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RiyaazPal LLC

About US

We are a company dedicated to developing software applications for students of Indian music, those aspiring to learn classical music as well as those who are seeking to improve their vocals enough to impress their friends or participate in a karaoke.

Our flagship app RiyaazPal, is the first application of its kind that provides you with a real, perfectly tuned harmonium at your fingertips. Created “by artists” and “for artists”, this application will make your daily riyaaz enjoyable. The app contains 

•7 different “Sa”s (tonic notes), pick one you like 

•Ability to select your music type, light or classical. This results in right selection of the harmonium for you; tempered harmonium for light and Gandhar tuned for classical 

•More than 25 pre-made Sargams 

•Ability to adjust Sargam speed depending on your comfort level 

•Two unique “5 minutes” Sargams. These are especially for those people who don’t find time for daily riyaaz. If you have 5 extra minutes in your schedule, you can make good use of that time by practicing with either “5 minutes simple” or “5 minutes difficult” Sargams 

•A virtual keyboard that allows you to play and sing/practice any sur for any length of time. 

•Click here for frequently asked questions. 

Use a good quality headphone or a docking station for best experience.

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