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RiyaazPal LLC

All aspiring music students understand the importance of Sargam practice. Practicing Sargams each day does wonders to your “Sureelapan” as well as confidence. 

Practicing every day under watchful eyes of your Guru is the ideal way. But that is difficult these days. 

Come enjoy your daily practice with RiyaazPal. We will provide you with a perfectly tuned harmonium, allow you to select your Sa and provide you with more than 25 ready Sargams. Simply select your Sa, and type of music you sing, light or classical, and start practicing. 

All Sargams will play on the harmonium in a manner an expert harmonium artist plays. Our harmonium provides automatic grace notes; and you will feel a smooth continuum as you sing Sargams. Depending on your selection, you will get a Gandhar tuned harmonium (classical) or a tempered harmonium (light). Almost all of the commercially available harmoniums are equal tuned (also known as tempered tuning, or western style of tuning). Our harmoniums are correctly tuned based on type of music you select. 

In addition, there is a virtual keyboard that allows you to practice any Sur for any length of time. 

See for yourself how daily practice with RiyaazPal can truly improve your Sureelapan and confidence. 

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